What To Do After You Crash Your RC Helicopter

December 7, 2011
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So maybe the fun of flying RC helicopters whether indoors or outdoors is truly priceless, but there is also another side to the story—that of the possible damage that flying can cause your precious helicopters. Of course, since you’re going to play and tinker with your RC vehicles, chances are that they’re going to get damaged at one point or another. 

So what do you need to do after that inevitable crash? First, compose yourself and remain calm. Nothing can beat every miserable phenomenon out there but calmness. After that, check your RC helicopter to find out what got hit, what was damaged, what was broken and what needs replacement.


After finding out what you need, go to your nearest local hobby store (or online stores, if that’s what you’re comfortable with), and look for the spare parts you need. There are many option/spare parts available for RC helicopters and they need not be expensive (most parts usually cost below $7) for it to be compatible with your RC helicopter. You just need the right information and for sure, you’re going to be able to fix your vehicle. 

Most common RC helicopter parts that get damaged are the main blades, balance bar, upper grip, charger cable, tail decorations, gear, tail blades, main frame and the landing skid. Usually, these parts just cost $5, but you can also choose to just buy one set of spare parts to save more.


Although spare parts for RC helicopters aren’t exactly expensive, you still have to be careful with your vehicle. Just think about it: the money you spend on spare parts may just be the money you will spend on pimping up your RC helicopters.

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