BlitzRCWorks 6CH 2.4GHz Black Rogue 500 V2 RTF RC Helicopter Is Perfect For All Level Of Pilots—Novice Or Skilled

December 15, 2011
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Want something badass? Then get your hands on the BlitzRCWorks 6CH 2.4GHz Black Rogue 500 V2 RTF RC Helicopter. Perfect for all levels of pilots—whether novice, intermediate or skilled—this Black Rogue helicopter has that perfect cool and funky look that almost all RC pilots are looking for in their RC toys.

And not only does this RC helicopter look amazingly well, the BlitzRCWorks 6CH 2.4GHz Black Rogue 500 V2 RTF RC Helicopter also packs in some serious stuff. It comes with a digital 6CH transmitter, fiber glass canopy, carbon fiber motor blades, high torque, sensorless brushless speed controller and a high speed mini servos.

Here are the features and specifications of the BlitzRCWorks 6CH 2.4GHz Black Rogue 500 V2 RTF RC Helicopter:

–          Newest fully digital proportional transmitter with LCD display, timer, Dual Rate, 3D mode, Throttle Hold, and programmable functions for throttle curve, fine tuning, and super fluent gimbal sticks


–          6 Channel R/C Set included, complete forward/backward, left/right, up/down & pitch control (rudder, aileron, elevator, pitch and throttle)


–          New 2.4GHz technology, with the functions of automatic identification and precise code pairing, strong anti-jamming, and allow more than 30 aircrafts to fly at the same field at the same time


–          High gloss fiber glass sporty canopy


–          Best 6 channel belt-driven ready-to-fly RC helicopter for all level pilots


–          The only 100% true ready-to-fly RC helicopter in the market


–          100% professionally tested, trimmed & dialed


–          Gurantee ready-to-fly and 3D out of the box


–          Perfect helicopter for the novice, beginner, intermediate and advance pilots


–          6 Channel — capable of all 3D maneuvers


–          Durable high performance carbon fiber main rotor blades capable to perform extreme 3D maneuvers


–          State-of-the-art components such as Brushless outrunner high torque 1600kv motor, sensorless 60amp brushless speed controller, and 2500mah 20C 11.1 volt LiPo battery pack


–          New Blitz high speed mini servos with faster response speed and more precision for the ultimate 3D performance


–          Very responsive professional Blitz RC Works head lock gyro


–          Helicopter frame construction is very durable


–          Awesome look & style and very durable canopy


–          100% satisfaction guarantee


–          Approximately 15 minutes flight time on each charge


–          All spare parts and accessories are available


–          Complete kit, ready to fly (everything is included and 100% assembled — only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter)






–          Main rotor diameter: 800mm (31.5 inch)


–          Tail rotor diameter: 177mm (7 inch)


–          Length: 600mm (32 inch)


–          Height: 225mm (11.5 inch)


–          Flying weight: 1000g (Battery included)


–          Drive system: Out-Runner 1600kv Brushless motor


–          Servo: 4X 17g Blitz high speed micro servos


–          Gyro: Professional Blitz RC Works Headlock Gyro


–          ESC: 60A Brushless speed controller


–          Battery: 11.1V 2500mAh 20C Li-Po


–          Control system: 6CH CCPM Multifunctional 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver


–          Radio control range: 3000 feet (900m)


The BlitzRCWorks 6CH 2.4GHz Black Rogue 500 V2 RTF RC Helicopter is a bit pricey, but it does have all the needed specs to combat any RC helicopters out there. You can purchase this for $1,200 or $399.90 in some websites.




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