Know The RC Model Plane Types And Classes

April 3, 2011
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There are many different types and classes of RC airplanes. If you are a beginner, you may want to take the time to know all of them before you purchase an RC model. First of all, most RC airplanes are catered to professional RC pilots but there are also other types that are perfect for beginners. Also, types of RC model airplanes differ on their prices, specifications and styles.

You have to know whether you want something for outdoors or indoors, so you can decide also on what type of RC airplane you have to buy.

Here are the different types of RC airplanes:

Trainer Aeroplanes

This type has a strong electrical motor or even an enclosed combustion or nitro engine. These are made for beginners with minimum flying techniques and skills. It can be found in normal forms, sizes and structures.

Sport Aeroplanes

These are basically made training functions, and are a very small step-up from the standard trainer aeroplanes. They consist of a range of shapes and sizes. Unlike a few of trainers, sport aeroplanes can be used to execute amazing aerobatics on the air with enough skill and precision from the RC pilot.

Park Flyers

These types can be flown everywhere—outdoors and sometimes, even indoors. They are usually made of an electronic engine. They are often offered as ready-to-fly kits though there are several that needs to be set up.

Mini RC Aeroplanes

The mini aeroplanes are manufactured originally for indoor flying as many of these models have strong electrical motor. They are mostly flown in big spaces indoors such as warehouses, halls, sport arenas and even gymnasiums. They are excellent flyers especially if a weather condition prevents you from flying an RC airplane outside.

Micro RC Aeroplanes

These types are incredibly tiny versions of RC airplanes as a result of using micro batteries, receivers and engines. Micro RC aeroplanes can also be flown indoors.

Foam RC Aeroplanes

Foam-radio controlled aeroplanes require minimum quantity of parts. They are completed with a tiny electric motor. These types are sturdy and are fixed quite simply when you first buy them.

Jet RC Aeroplanes

These types are mostly made for more professional RC pilots. They are complex in structure and will probably cost higher than other RC airplane models. They are tremendously powerful, and would need a very skilled RC pilot to fly.

Scale RC Aeroplanes

Ever rode an airplane? Well, these types are made exactly to look like a real full-size airplane. They generally have the same proportions as real planes, and they are run by nitro and fuel engines.

It is very important for an RC flyer (whether beginner or expert) to know the types of RC airplanes available in the market today. Choosing the right type will save you time and money. Make sure you choose the type that is perfect for your flying skills.

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