How to Fly RC Airplaines : Landing

September 6, 2010
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  1. Decrease your altitude until the plane is about 30 feet up by decreasing the throttle slightly and releasing the elevator to neutral.
  2. Turn your plane so that it passes in front of you going downwind. It should be about 170 feet in front of you when it passes.
  3. Turn the airplane again so that it turns back into the wind, while reducing the motor power to make the plane descend gradually. This will set up your landing.
  4. Keep the plane going in a straight line by turning the rudder left or right to correct any turning. Keep the elevators neutral. Slow the motor so the plane descends at a moderate pace.
  5. Once the airplane gets within about 5 feet from the ground, turn off the motor and apply a little bit of up elevator. This maneuver, called flaring, will slow the airplane as it lands.

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